Biketec is a project of Youth Wise Trust and is run by a group of people passionate about cycles, cycling and youth.

Trustees & Staff

Dave Kent: Chair, Youth Wise Trust

Dave is a senior manager with IBM New Zealand and he has held various technical and management positions within the IT and banking sectors over the past 25 years. Dave joined YWT in June 2012 as a volunteer in the BikeTec programme and whilst still actively involved with BikeTec took on a Joint Chair role mid-2013. Dave has strong knowledge in business risk management and HR practice and enjoys putting that corporate depth and breadth of experience to work to further the objectives of the Trust.

Stephen Malanchak: Treasurer, Youth Wise Trust

Stephen is currently the financial controller for a mid-sized government agency. His 31 year career to date has included accounting and finance work for a large multinational, local authority, government entities and companies in the private sector. He has had a long involvement in the sport of athletics as a competitor, coach and national administration and is currently treasurer for Athletics Wellington. Stephen’s current sporting interests include mountain biking and swimming and he has been involved with Youth Wise Trust since its inception.

Graeme Astle: Trustee, Youth Wise Trust

Graeme joined YWT a number of years ago as a voluntary Board Member. Graeme retired from the Ministry of Justice in late 2013 after working in various roles within the courts system for more than 41 years. This included being a Court Manager and running or participating in a number of significant projects. Graeme brings a depth of experience that includes working across the Justice Sector and operationalising government policies within the Criminal Justice System. Outside of work Graeme is a marriage celebrant, plays squash and is an active squash club member.

Simon Gilbert: Manager

Simon has been working in the youth sector in the Wellington region for the past 14 years establishing and managing youth specific social environments where young people can become more resilient, resourceful and connected in a place they are comfortable. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer for YWT Secret Level. An avid cyclist, he has indulged this sport / passion almost continuously for over 40 years. He has had the privilege of creating many spaces for young people and watching them enjoy the various opportunities that this brings, making his life full of rewarding experiences. An avid cyclist, he has indulged this sport/passion almost continuously for over 40 years and has started the Biketec program currently operating under the governance of Youth Wise Trust.

Volunteer Mechanics

Chris LeBlanc

Chris is a Canadian national who has settled in New Zealand. He is a computer programmer for GNS and divides his spare time between wind surfing and mountainbiking. He is a keen downhiller and an awesome bike mechanic, specialising in all things wheel-y and suspension-y. Chris is a very welcome member of Biketec and has many years of cycing and mechanic experience to offer the team!

Jeff Lyle

Jeff has been with Biketec from the start as a volunteer. Jeff is the info king, connected in all ways to the cycle world and a lot of other worlds too! Jeff tackles projects that others would shy away from - he likes a challenge and can see potential in every bike. Whether it's thick with rust or just a heap of old parts, he can plan a bike out of it!

Jeremy Bray

Jez is the newest member of the team and lives just a stones throw away from the Biketec workshop in Wainuiomata. An avid cyclist/mountainbiker/racer/cyclocrosser he is becoming regular face at the workshop. Jeremy's other interests are working hard at Brother International and sharing really nice cakes around the workshop!