School Fixups

We have found that even in this age of scooters and 4WD drop-offs, cycling to school is still popular amoung young people. We think this should be encouraged as a healthy transport option, it encourages the use of a very eco-friendly machine to travel from place to place. When we were young we rode everywhere on our cycles, and this is gaining momentum again.

Cycles, like any vehicle, need maintenance. They are machines with has moving parts that wear out with use and these need to be addressed with regular servicing, just like a motor car does. Issues that are left or overlooked will get worse over time, leading to a poor riding experience and eventually no longer rideable status. Today Biketec is in the unique position of being able to offer schools a free cycle fix-up service - as we are a Trust we can seek grants so that the wider community funds this work. A good cycle riding experience guarantees that the student will enjoy and continue to ride their cycle to school and it is then more likely than they will continue to use the cycle as a mode of transport in the future, with all the benefits that that entails.

Thus, the Biketec programme enables young people who would otherwise ride dangerous or incomplete cycles - or just have a broken cycle at home - to have their machine fixed and brought up to a “fit for use” condition without them having to find the finances to do so. Many parents for a variety of reasons do not or cannot spend monies on bike maintenance, leading to the cycle very quickly becoming dangerous and unsafe for use. Biketec is proud to be able to offer a solution to help to address this issue in schools and colleges, and bring safer cycling to our young people!