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Biketec is a community Youth Charity. We need your help to do what we do best.

Every year we support young people at primary/intermediate level to get on a cycle and ride it safely on NZ roads. We do this by actively training young people to ride their cycles to NZQA levels 1 and 2. But Biketec was founded on the idea that every young person should have access to a cycle so that no student was barred from learning to ride a cycle and have all the fun that we all know can lead to benefits thorughout life in terms of health and environment, employment and sport/leisure.

To achieve this goal Biketec was set up within a Charitable Trust Structure with the core goal of making bikes available to kids. We do this through recycling old machines and then using the fleet to teach in Schools all around the region so that no young person has to sit out the wonderful training that is on offer free (thanks to our Government) to the schools of NZ. We also fix all the cycles that the students bring into the schools on the fix up day that we arrange whilst training!

We have container workshops to keep costs down and it is here that we build recyced machines for School training and other events like the Weetbix TRYathlon.

Weetbix TRYathlon

This year Biketec again is sponsoring cycles for the Weetbix TRYathlon to students in low decile Schools in the Hutt Valley. Last year we assisted 55 students with a cycle so that they could enter the competition - these were young people who would otherwise not have a chance to do this amazing race, and this year we aim to put 100 young people into the event with a cycle and a helmet!

Biketec is a Community Charity. We need your help to do what we do best. Please choose from the options above to donate cash or a bike today! You can be sure that your donation will go to assist a young person and give them a unique and special life experience.

If you are a corporate or business entity and would like to sponsor Biketec we have opportunities for you to get involved and partner with us. Please contact info@biketec.org.nz